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39th Iranian Congress Of Radiology Scientific Program

Tech-16 | Radiobiology & Radiation Protection
Date : Thursday, 09 May 2024
Start Time : 14:00
End Time : 16:00
Location : Academy Amphitheatre

Aghamiri, Seyed Mahmoud Reza Divband, Mohammadreza Mozdarani, Hossein Neshastehriz, Ali

14:00 - 14:25 | Recent Advancement In Biological Dosimetry Of Low Dose And Occupational Exposure
Mozdarani, Hossein
14:25 - 14:50 | Low Dose Effects: Radiation- Induced Carcinogenesis Risk And Cancer Mortality
Pakniyat, Fatemeh
14:50 - 15:00 | The Investigation Radioprotective Effect Of Melatonin Against DNA Double Strand Breaks Induced In Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes Of Patients Undergoing CT Examinations Of The Abdomen Pelvic By Immunofluorescence Assay
Eskandari, Ali
15:00 - 16:00 | Panel : The Role And Position Of Health Physics In Medical Centers: Responsibilities & Challenges
Moderators : Jaberi, Ramin
Panel Members : Aghamiri, Seyed Mahmoud Reza Kardan, Mohammadreza Mozdarani, Hossein Neshastehriz, Ali Shabestani Monfared, Ali