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Tech-2 :
Date : Tuesday, 09 May 2023
Start Time : 11:00
End Time : 13:00
Location : Hall 1

11:00 | Quality Assurance In Medical Radiography Departmen
Shabestani Monfared Ali
12:00 | Quality Control In MRI
Azinkhah Iman
Tech-8 :
Date : Wednesday, 10 May 2023
Start Time : 11:00
End Time : 13:00
Location : Hall 4

Jaberi Ramin Mozdarani Hossein Pakniyat Fatemeh Aghamiri Mahmoodreza

11:00 | Pathologic-based Radiation Dose: Effect Of Lung Lesions And Total Severity Score On Radiation Dose In Computed Tomography Scan Of COVID-19 Patients
Mohammadbeigi Ahmad
11:10 | Measuring The Absorbed Dose Of Gonads In Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy By Treatment Design And Dosimetry Software
Omidi Kiumars
11:30 | Applications Of Virtual Reality In Radiology
Mohebbi Paria
11:40 | Image Quality And Radiation Dose Assessment In Different Cardiac CT Angiography Techniques
Dareini Amir
11:50 | An Overview Of The Minimally Invasive Method Needle Of Breast Biopsy And Tomosynthesisguided Breast Biopsy
Khosravi Hengameh
12:00 | Map Of Brain Networks Extracting From Resting-State FMRI In Alzheimer’s Disease, Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment, And Normal Aging Subjects
Mohammadian Fatemeh
12:10 | DCE Versus DWI In Breast Lesions Diagnosis
Sarmast Alizadeh Navid
12:20 | PET-MRI Hybrid Imaging In The Diagnosis Of Glioma
Gharehaghaji Nahideh
12:30 | Investigating And Implementing Tractography Clustering On Diffusion-Weighted MR Images Of The Brain By Using QuickBundles Method With Different Features
Azinkhah Iman
12:40 | Different Magnetic Resonance Imaging Protocols For Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis
Sarmast Alizadeh Navid
12:50 | Differentiation Between Progression From Pseudoprogression In Glioblastoma Using Diffusion Weighted Imaging Techniques
Bastanipour Yasaman
Tech-15 :
Date : Thursday, 11 May 2023
Start Time : 08:30
End Time : 10:30
Location : Hall 3

08:30 | Indication-technique And Measurements Required In TAVI
Hosseini Seyed Ali