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Date : Tuesday, 09 May 2023
Start Time : 11:00
End Time : 13:00
Location : Hall 2

Soleyman Tabar Hossein

11:00 | Predictive Power Of Cranial CT Scan Parameters In Outcomes Of Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury Based On NIRIS Scoring System In Iran
Ahmadian Fard Samira
11:12 | Radiomics Science, A Horizon For Early Diagnosis Of Brain Metastasis Caused By Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer: A Review Of The Literature
Valibeiglou Zahra
11:24 | The Survey Of The Effect Of Adding Aspirin To Anti-migraine Drugs On The Severity Of The Headache In Patients With Chronic Migraine Headaches With Lateral Venous Sinus Stenosis In MRV: A Double-blind Randomized Clinical Trial
Shafiee Mohammad
11:36 | Evaluation Of Normal Size And Normogram Of Testicular Volume In Iranian Boys 0-15 Years
Shafiee Mohammad
11:48 | Estimation Risk Of Exposure-induced Death Associated With Common Computed Tomography Procedures During The COVID-19 In Yazd Province.
Zamani Hamed
12:00 | Prevention Of Radiation Damages Using Bismuth-epoxy Composite
Mansoori Kia Mehdi
12:12 | The Accuracy Of Non-contrast Brain CT Scan In Predicting The Presence Of A Vascular Etiology In Patients With Primary Intracranial Hemorrhage
Abbasi Bita
12:24 | Trastuzumab Polyethylene Glycol Modified Gold Nanoparticle As Potential Targeted Contrast Agent In Molecular CT Imaging Of Cancer Cells
Dastgir Masoumeh
12:36 | Determining Of The Amount Of The Radiation Damage Risk Reduction Using Nanoparticles Composite
Mohammadi Razieh
12:48 | Esophageal Lung Misdiagnosed As Tracheoesophageal Fistula: A Case Report
Zarei Elham